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In iron ore pelletization bentonite is commonly used as an agglomeration aid to augment pellet growth and add physical strength to the pellets. While bentonite is effective as a binder it does have a contaminating effect on the chemical quality of the pellets adding both silica and aluminum gangue. The contamination leads to:  

  • Lower daily production rate of Fe in the pellet making process
  • Increased need for upgrading iron ore concentrates reducing concentrator throughput
  • Reductions in iron making efficiency and yields 
  • Increased consumption of flux additives in iron making processes
  • Negative effects on Sustainability by increasing slag waste and CO2 generation throughout the iron-steel making chain

Peridur is an organic binder produced by AkzoNobel that provides pellet makers with a technically advanced alternative to bentonite.  Not only does Peridur function as a consistent and reliable agglomeration aid, it is non-contaminating to the pellets leaving the iron ore pellets with superior metallurgical and chemical qualities.

When Peridur successfully replaces bentonite in the manufacture of Blast Furnace or Direct Reduction pellets significant cost benefits can be achieved in subsequent iron making processes. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Peridur is a completely renewable resource and has more favorable impacts on the environment and Sustainability than does bentonite.  

Technical support

AkzoNobel has a wealth of knowledge about iron ore pelletization which is unmatched in the industry and supports our customers by providing training and technical support.  We also maintain the most advanced iron ore pelletization laboratory which is used to:

  • Optimize and define the most economical Peridur formulations which are tailored to the customers process and unique mineralogy

  • Continuously upgrade our product portfolio. 

For more information, please contact us.