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About us

The number One Chelates producer

Dissolvine® is the brand name for AkzoNobel's chelating agents. The Chelates unit forms an integral part of Business Unit Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives and is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

We have 420 employees world wide and are committed to supplying our customers around the globe. We operate from production plants in Herkenbosch (the Netherlands), Kvarntorp (Sweden), Ningbo (China) and Lima (OH, the United States). Our regional offices are based in Arnhem (the Netherlands), Chicago (the United States) and Shanghai (China).

Metal ions have a powerful influence on chemical processes as well as on the performance of many products. A wide range of problems associated with metal ions can be solved using Dissolvine® chelates; from improving the efficiency of pulp bleaching to cleaning dairies, from increasing crop quality and yields to preserving food quality. As such, our chelates contribute to a broad range of applications that are crucial to modern society.

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