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Our chelates make a difference

Dissolvine® chelates can add or remove metals in a controlled way in virtually any industrial process which uses water.

Removing unwanted metal ions

Chelates are used to remove or alter the properties of metals that are detrimental to the process, for instance, reducing water hardness or removing scales. Examples include:

Preventing precipitation, removing scale or dissolving metals:

- agricultural applications
- mining processes
- oil and gas production and 

Reducing the toxic effects of metals:

- fish hatchery processes
- pharmaceutical products

Controlling metal catalyzed reactions:

- building applications
- food and feed products
- personal care products
- polymer production
- pulp and paper production

Preventing precipitation and controlling metal catalyzed reactions:

- cleaners and detergents
- electronics
- industrial cleaning
- photography
- textile processing

Introducing metal ions

At other times you may want to introduce metal ions into an application in just the right 'form', for instance:

Oxidizing or reducing agent:

- H2S gas sweetening
- photography
- NOx removal

Transforming trace metals into water soluble complexes:

- agriculture
- food fortification

 Wherever you use a Dissolvine® chelate, it can significantly improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your process.