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Active pH range

The pH of the system and the oxidizing nature of the environment can affect the stability and effectiveness of the chelating system. For each metal complex there is an optimum pH and an active pH range in which the metal complex is stable.

pH_page 11 PG

Calculated for a hydroxide environment in demineralized water at 0.1 mol/l. Lower pH limit: the conditional stability constant LogK1 ≥3. Upper pH limit is based on the precipitation of the metal hydroxide. At upper pH limit; fraction chelated ≥ 95%. For the Fe chelates deviations are possible in the calculation of the upper pH limit.
* = determined by measurement.

The quantity of chelating agent needed depends on the concentration of metal ion to be chelated and the type of chelating agent used. Dissolvine® chelating agents form a complex with a metal ion generally on an equimolecular basis (which means the higher the molecular weight of the chelating agent, the higher the quantity of chelating agent required to chelate the metal ion).

For more information we refer to our Product Guide, more specific the product overview tables on pages 12 - 19.