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Company Magazine

Welcome to A Magazine, the new magazine of AkzoNobel

A Magazine Issue 4 cover

Winner of a European Excellence Award, a coveted bronze ADC Cube and a SABRE Award Certificate of Excellence during 2009, A Magazine is available via a free subscription. Digital versions are also available for download.

Each edition contains a series of stories - great, innovative, unique along with visuals that take your breath away. A theme for each edition. We are proud to state that great stories have been written on our Dissolvine® chelating agents.

A Magazine # 2 - The curious case of the depolymerizing warship

Seafaring history is awash with stories of epic battles and heroic adventures. In Sweden, they tell a strange tale of a mighty vessel which sank just minutes into its maiden voyage. Four centuries later, the ancient wreck is now resting in a museum. But it continues to hide secrets, even though scientists are trying to unlock its many mystories.... AkzoNobel plays a supporting role as the provider of Dissolvine® chelates (EDDHMA and DTPA) in the successful removal of percentages of iron from the wood.

An eye on the future: Dissolvine® GL advertorial - a focus on the stringent requirements to the next generation of products in personal care and cosmetics.

A Magazine # 3 - Cleaning up

As environmental legislation tightens, soap and detergent formulators are looking for safer and more eco-friendly ingredients. Fortunately, AkzoNobel has come up with the answer - Dissolvine® GL