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Dissolvine M

Cleaning with Care - the strong biodegradable chelate

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While classical aminopolycarboxylates (NTA, EDTA and DTPA, etc.) provide outstanding performance in terms of cost effectiveness and versatility, they may not always fulfill all customer needs regarding performance, properties and health, safety and environmental considerations.

Innovating and supplying high performing products with a low environmental impact is important for AkzoNobel. In our search for a product that delivers excellent chelating performance with readily biodegradable properties, AkzoNobel has introduced Dissolvine® M-40. The active component is MGDA, a chelating agent that has a proven track record in many different institutional and household cleaners.

MGDA is a fast-working, strong builder with excellent ecological properties, being readily biodegradable and not labelled as dangerous. This makes MGDA an ideal replacement for ingredients under regulatory pressure, such as phosphates (which is banned in various regions due to water eutrophication) in automatic dish washing (ADW) and laundry. It is a drop-in replacement for NTA in industrial and institutional cleaners. In cleaning applications, Dissolvine® M-40, will outperform widely used builders like phosphates, citrates, gluconates and zeolites due to its stronger bonds with hard water ions.

Dissolvine® M-40 is a 40 weight percent solution of Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid trisodium salt (MGDA) in water. The IUPAC name for MGDA is 2-Aminopropionic acid, N,N-dicarboxymethyl-,trisodium salt. MGDA is also known as Alanine N,N-bis(carboxymethyl) trisodium salt.

The small molecular size enables rapid action at low temperatures and short contact time. Dissolvine® M-40 is fully REACH registered. The excellent low toxicity and low eco-toxicological profile allow for non-dangerous labelling. MGDA-Na3 is listed on EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List in the United States.

Dissolvine® M-40 is a strong chelate for hard water and transition metal ions. Using MGDA as an ingredient in cleaning formulations improves the descaling and cleaning capabilities. This includes whiteness and color care benefits in laundry and stain removal abilities in automatic dish washing (ADW). Since MGDA is also a strong chelating agent for heavy metal ions, such as Fe and Cu, it enhances product stability and prevents negative effects of transition metals.

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