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Product Selector

Search your product online

AkzoNobel offers the option to search your product and find all product-related data, such as full description, chemical name, function, application, CAS number, internet address and BU contact information.

Safety Data Sheets and Product Data Sheets are only available on request. Please use the Regional contact information.

The AkzoNobel Product Selector is a full database on all products supplied by AkzoNobel. To restrict your search string to Dissolvine®, please enter the word DISSOLVINE in the field for product. You will now see that in the field name/service all Dissolvine® products in alphabetic order appear - to view this, please click on the drop-down menu behind the name/service field.

Now you can select one type of product, by pressing FIND in the bottom left corner, your result will be shown at the end of the page.

Search your product here!