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The Greener Chelate

A greener alternative to EDTA, NTA, Phosphonates and Phosphates

Glutamic acid diacetic acid (GLDA) is a new generation chelating agent . GLDA is marketed by AkzoNobel as Dissolvine® GL.

Dissolvine® GL is a safe and readily biodegradable sequestrant, which has an excellent eco & toxicological profile. It can be used as alternative to NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates. It has an exceptional high solubility over a wide pH range and is based on a natural and sustainable source.

The search for a cost-effective alternative has long been an industry target. GLDA, marketed as Dissolvine® GL, is this alternative having strong chelating capabilities, next to the unique characteristics described above.

Tick-off signGLDA: a greener alternative

This chelating agent is a greener alternative, as it is predominately made from sugar waste material. The environmental impact (according to ISO 14040) of all strong complexing builders was measured and GLDA has the smallest ecological footprint.
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GLDA: safe to use

GLDA was found to be readily biodegradable in the OECD 301 test, which was confirmed by a third party and has excellent properties with regard to eco and human toxicity.

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GLDA: tough against dirt

In cleaning formulations and under harsh washing conditions, GLDA complexes hard water ions very well and also retains its high chelating value at elevated temperatures more than other chelating agents. GLDA shows good stain removing properties with tea, starch, meat and burnt milk stains. Also the biocidal boosting power is better than the current used boosters NTA or EDTA.

Tick-off sign GLDA: soft on skin

GLDA is free from genetically modified raw materials and is not irritating to skin or eyes. It is suitable to be used in personal care and cosmetics to chelate calcium and transition metal ions and thus help to enhance the shelf life of creams. GLDA boosts the performance of preservatives stronger than other chelating agents.

Dissolvine® GL: the greener alternative!



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