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Eco-premium products

Added value, Reduced environmental impact


We believe the only way to grow is by developing sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit our customers.

Eco-premium solutions are competitively-priced, high-end products that have more environmental benefits than their mainstream equivalents. This eco-efficiency can happen at any stage of a product’s lifetime – from the extraction of natural resources to manufacturing, end-use and final waste management.

As much as 18 percent of AkzoNobel's revenue comes from eco-premium products. It is the aim of AkzoNobel to increase this figure to 22 percent in 2009 and 30 percent by 2015.

AkzoNobel wants to offer sustainable solutions and contribute to the success of our customers. But there is no guarantee that today's product is also tomorrow's solution. So what makes a product an eco-premium product:

The combination of values such as reduced environmental tax, health & safety, toxicity, energy efficiency, use of raw materials etc are reviewed. The total score of a product is reviewed. AkzoNobel has divided its product portfolio into three (3) categories: eco-premium products, standard products that show no negative impact to the current market and products/processes that require changing on the short term due to eg. legislation. For all categories AkzoNobel performs research. Roughly 70% of our product portfolio falls in the category of standard products.

Dissolvine® GL is an example of a sustainable, innovative product that can add value to your product. It offers economical and ecological added value.