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A greener fit for your application


We offer a product that is readily biodegradable, has strong chelating power and has a sustainable green basis.

Compared to NTA and EDTA, Dissolvine® GL has:
- better eco & tox properties
- better boost of biocidal activity
- better hard surface cleaning.

Compared to phosphates and phosphonates, Dissolvine® GL has:
- no contribution to eutrophication
- better eco & tox properties
- stronger chelating power
- better stain removal.

This unique product can be used in a variety of applications:
- Domestic and Industrial Dishwashing
- Detergents
- Descaling
- Personal Care
- Industrial Cleaning
- Pulp Bleaching and many more.

Our Sales Force can give you up-to-date knowledge on our characteristics and technical properties per application. Please contact us through our Regional Offices via the Contact Form.

Or you can review our Application pages for more information.