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The Detergents Industry

Looking closer, seeing further

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The detergent industry is having to contend with a changing market. The challenge formulators and manufacturers are facing is to develop sustainable innovations which will help demonstrate that detergent ingredients present no risk to people or the environment.

Our latest product, Dissolvine® GL, is a greener chelate. It combines excellent performance with a superior ecological profile. This readily biodegradable chelating agent offers a viable alternative to more traditional products.

By combining expertise, process technology and application know-how within AkzoNobel, we can help solve your application challenge no matter where you are in the world. AkzoNobel can offer a tailor-made solution to every application and function in the Detergent Industry. Our sub-sections provide specific applications and the option to download our brochure.

Welcome to AkzoNobel in the Detergent Industry...