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Merit Award for GLDA chelates

8 July 2010

Merit award GLDA

July 8, 2010 - A poster presentation about the performance and environmental benefits of AkzoNobel’s GLDA readily biodegradable chelating agent (marketed by Functional Chemicals as Dissolvine® GL) recently scooped an award at an event held in Australia.

The best poster prize – a Presidential Medal – was received in the Manufacturing category at a conference on sugar cane technology held in Queensland. Entitled “Evaluation of a readily biodegradable chelating agent for removing calcium scale from fouled evaporators,” the presentation was in competition with more than 80 peer-reviewed technical papers and posters. It highlighted a partnership with Queensland’s Mulgrave Sugar Mill, which demonstrated that GLDA performed equally as well as EDTA, at the same total cost, but with the added benefit of a much smaller ecological footprint.

Being readily biodegradable, Dissolvine® GL is the ideal solution for sugar mills without effective sludge removal systems, or for mills facing environmental restrictions on their waste streams. “GLDA’s biodegradability and cleaning performance score high with Australia’s sugar mills, especially those located along the Great Barrier Reef,” explained Chelates Product Manager Cris Robb, who was one of the authors of the poster. “At the same time, we stay ahead of the value curve by offering a differentiated product which addresses the increasing environmental concerns of the sugar mills.”

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