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A reliable partner means extra value

The Ethylene Amines Supply Chain


The performance of our products and their value to users are a function of their availability. This is especially true of chemicals, when customers' own manufacturing operations are so heavily dependent on reliable supplies and punctual deliveries.

Because of this, we have set up a comprehensive supply chain organization to ensure that we, and our products, are always close to our customers. So wherever you are, we are there, working as a true production partner.

Careful planning and the efficient use of IT systems have enabled us to integrate our supply chain all the way from raw materials to delivery of finished products. All our supply chain resources are organised to provide high-level service at low costs.

Although we outsource certain operations, such as warehousing and transport, to a few selected partners, we retain full control over the supply chain.

We work closely with our logistics services suppliers to maintain and develop our customer services. In line with this, the performance of our suppliers is subject to regular review.