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Storage and handling


All amines should be stored in well closed containers protected from air, moisture and carbon dioxide. Stainless steel is the best material for tanks, pipes and hoses. Non-seal pumps of the canned-pump type are recommended. A nitrogen blanket should be used to avoid discoloration, moisture uptake and formation of carbamates from carbon dioxide.

Teflon can be used for seals for containers stored at temperatures up to around 150 °C. We recommend polyethylene, polypropylene or EPDM rubber seals for containers at room temperature. Copper and its alloys must be avoided.

More detailed information on proper handling can be found in the Industry guide "Best practices".

For safe and smooth handling the products should have the appropriate temperature. In cold conditions vents and pipes need to be heated before unloading can commence.

By following the links below you can learn more about storage and handling conditions and on how to heat the equipment when unloading.