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For all our tomorrows


Nowadays, every large company worth its salt has set up an Environmental Management System. We are no exception, the reason being the most natural of all: we sincerely care about the environment.

The people who work at our company live in and around Stenungsund. What we do in our plant here, and how we do it, is important to all of us, to the kids on their way home from a day at the beach, the people who drive the local bus, teach at the local school or take care of our children or grandchildren at the local day care centers.

What then could be more natural than caring about the environment and keeping this beautiful part of Sweden a clean and healthy place to work in, live in and raise families in?

I know that I have the full backing of everyone who works at AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals in Stenungsund when I pledge that we will continue to put the environment first. It is a pledge for ourselves and our children. Because our children are all our tomorrows.

Egbert Henstra
General Manager
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals AB
Stenungsund, Sweden

Environmental report in English

Environmental report in Swedish



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Sevesodirektivet (only in Swedish)

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