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Quality Policy

As we see it, the quality of a company’s products, routines and services are a reflection of its corporate attitude to responsible and structured work, open communication – both internal and external and its willingness to listen, learn and respond to the world about it. This philosophy is expressed in the following summary of our Quality Policy:

  • Our continued success depends on Total Quality throughout the company.

  • We aim to always do things right.

  • We will always do our utmost to fulfil agreed customer requirements – both external and internal.

  • We will improve our awareness of our customers’ expectations and do all we can to live up to them.

  • We will continue to improve our Total Quality. This work will be carried out in close liaison with our suppliers and customers. Our ISO 9000 certification provides an important tool in this process.

  • We encourage ingenuity and creativity in a continuous process of improvement,  in which people can learn from each other and stimulate that process. This requires an organisation that is positive towards change. We firmly foster this attitude.

  • We see all our employees, both as individuals and as members of our team, as being responsible for the quality of their work. We are convinced that the efforts of our staff and their commitment and involvement are decisive factors to our Total Quality.