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About us

Your partner in pulp and performance chemicals

We are part of one of the world’s leading chemicals companies and operate within the Specialty Chemicals’ business area, business unit Pulp and Performance Chemicals. Our focus is on pulp bleaching chemicals, colloidal silica, paper chemicals, and expandable microspheres.

Close to our customers

Our history dates back to 1895. We currently have more than 2,400 employees at 37 production plants in 35 countries. More importantly, we work closely with our customers to provide the chemicals and technologies necessary for producing ef cient, competitive and sustainable products that are part of everyday life around the world.

The Eka brand

More than half of our sales come from chemicals and customized solutions for bleaching pulp. We’re the largest producer of sodium chlorate worldwide, and one of the largest suppliers of hydrogen peroxide. Our bleaching chemicals and concepts are marketed under the Eka brand, generally associated with global presence, sustainable products and solutions, reliable business partnerships, and assured quality through out the value chain.


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