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Quality and certificates

A job well done

We operate our business in full compliance with the global and local requirements of the industry and are committed to the highest possible international quality standards.

We have always stressed the importance of producing a quality product or service. This attention to quality provides our customers with products and services that meet their needs and provides our employees with the knowledge and accomplishment of a “job well done”. We have integrated management systems on local, regional and business levels certified according to ISO 9001/14001. Our quality policy requires us to develop and continuously improve our processes to meet customer needs. We also provide Certificates of Analysis with batches of products. Over the years, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience in our industry area. We have accumulated, and continuously updated our internal standards, procedures and policies.

Cornerstones of our quality:

  • For available ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates by production site or area of operation, please email Quality Assurance.
  • Responsible Care and OHSAS 18001, where relevant. We have an integrated OHS (Occupational Health management System) covering occupational health and are certified according to OHSAS 18001 or Responsible Care 14001.
  • Quality Policy We strive for leading performance by being a proactive, efficient, innovative and sustainable supplier to our customers. The policy is available in 6 languages.
  • We have identified energy as one of key focus areas and part of our overall KPIs. We have certified energy management systems according to ISO 50 000 for some of our sites. 
  • Customer support visits - we provide our customers with appropriate HSE&S information for all contractors, customers and others who work for us, handle our products or operate our technologies.

HSE & sustainability policies.