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Performance concepts for the pulp and paper industry

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Optimizing your use of chemicals
Paper chemicals
Improving the performance, productivity and profitability of your paper business.
World leading pulp chemicals producer
Pulp chemicals
Produce better pulp, reduce costs, focus on the environment.
Technology and engineering for the pulp and paper industry
Plants, equipment and supporting technology
Technology, engineering and monitoring for the pulp and paper industry.

As a valued partner to the pulp and paper industry, we provide a broad selection of chemicals and deep know-how to help you to achieve optimum results. The demand for constant improvement has led to the introduction of highly effective chemicals, providing the means to control the pulp and paper making process. Putting it simply - chemistry that improves both the paper and your bottom line.

We don’t just supply chemicals. We also assist our customers in every area of their operations – from managing their chemicals inventory to designing and optimizing their processes and plants with our technology and know-how.

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