Chemical Island

A flagship for supply-chain excellence

Chemical Island, Eunapolis, Brazil at the Veracel pulp mill.

A Chemical Island provides you with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art chemicals management system for the safe, reliable and cost-efficient production of chemicals such as sodium chlorate, chlorine dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide. It also enables the handling of other pulp and papermaking chemicals – always with the environment in focus.

We are the natural partner for complex chemical plant projects. Such projects include our comprehensive Chemical Island management system, a turnkey concept that can include any or all of the following stages of development and operation: preliminary study, preliminary planning, engineering, construction, training, commissioning, start-up, on-site production and maintenance.

The size of the plant and the extent of our involvement are determined by our customers’ needs. Having a full-scale Chemical Island in place provides you with access to a tried, tested and successful concept. This includes round-the-clock staffing by our experienced professionals who manage and operate the facility on-site to produce and deliver the chemicals your mill needs.

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