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Our bleaching chemicals

The largest producer of bleaching chemicals worldwide

Fibers. Performance chemicals for pulp and paper.

We are the leading global supplier of bleaching chemicals and deliver customoized solutions for bleaching pulp to our customers.

AkzoNobel is the largest producer of sodium chlorate worldwide and one of the largest suppliers of hydrogen peroxide to the pulp and paper industry.

The combination of sodium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide technologies makes AkzoNobel a unique supplier of bleaching chemistry to pulp bleaching plants. We offer these products under our brand name Eka.

Over the last few years, we have developed our product offers to include:

  • Eka SC - Sodium Chlorate 
    Delivered as crystals by truck or rail. Eka SC is converted to chlorine dioxide, which is used for ECF (Elementally Chlorine Free) bleaching of chemical pulp.
  • Eka HP - Hydrogen Peroxide
    Eka HP is delivered as a 19 %–70 % ready-to-use solution by truck
    or by rail. Eka HP is primarily used for bleaching of chemical pulp,
    mechanical pulp and recycled fiber. Eka HP can also be used for
    various special applications outside the pulp and paper industry.
  • Eka CIO2 - Chlorine dioxide 
    This concept is the most efficient method for large-scale conversion of Eka SC to chlorine dioxide.  AkzoNobel owns and operates the onsite generator. Eka SC, Eka HP or another reducing agent, together with sulphuric acid, are used as raw materials. Optimal operating conditions, highest safety standards and cost efficient operation are ensured via remote supervision or control of the onsite generator. Eka ClO2 generators can be supervised from one control room, around the clock, by highly skilled operators. This ensures the highest availability and makes it easy to implement process improvements.