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Deinking chemicals

Your mill deserves a unique, carefully thought-out plan for optimization

Providing the best possible solution and industry-leading services for your de-inking mill.

The trend towards using relatively low-grade furnishes continues in the de-inking industry, creating a challenge in the variety, amount, and particle size distribution of inks encountered. De-inked pulp quality requirements remain high, and there is increasing pressure to reduce processing costs and increase production capacity. Every de-inking process is unique because of the infinite variables in water content, the furnish mix and individual techniques for running the process. Your mill deserves therefore a unique, carefully thought-out plan for optimization.

With the numerous chemistries used at a deinking mill, one of the main difficulties is controlling interactions. Our total-system approach ensures that chemistry used for one particular purpose will not cause problems in some other area of the deinking plant or paper machine

Mill specific solutions 

We focus on providing the best solution possible for your de-inking mill. We combine industry-leading services, such as FreeInk (a comprehensive study of ink removal parameters in North America), EVOP (Evolutionary Optimization - software for optimizing the use of chemical additives) and mill surveys with the widest array of de-inking and bleaching chemistry. The result is a mill-specific solution matching the best chemical technology with your water, furnish mix, flow sheet and performance targets.

Recycled fibres - Eka RF Series.

A unique sodium silicate replacement technology plus a range of fatty acid, surfactant and enzyme chemistries for flotation deinking processes geared towards reducing substances that reduce paper machine performance.

A deinking system, which lowers chemical costs while improving stickies removal by enabling the flotation deinking process to operate at a neutral pH.

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