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Global logistics

Delivering reliable, safe and competitive solutions

Supersack - Sodium chlorate

We are the world-leading supplier of pulp bleaching chemicals. We owe much of our success to our global logistics network, which is second to none. With this network, we can deliver customized solutions whenever and wherever you need them most.

Our global logistics and optimized supply network provide our pulp customers with a significant advantage for their operations. We are able to offer a wide range of packaging and shipping options. 

We manufacture bleaching chemicals at numerous, strategically located, production sites around the world. We leverage this production capacity by generating products at those sites in our network that guarantee your products are available and delivered when you need them.

Our logistics experts possess in-depth knowledge of international trade regulations and customs. They are able to solve whatever problems arise, ensuring a sustainable product delivery flow.

Our Chemical Islands are the pinnacle of our global logistics. At a typical Chemical Island, we manufacture sodium chlorate and generate chlorine dioxide that is then pumped directly to the pulp mill. This reduces transportation requirements and costs, and improves safety, resulting in eco-efficiency.

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