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A sustainable business

Doing more with less

Planet Possible

Creating more value from fewer resources is more than a sound business proposition; it is the future of our planet. This is why we partner with everyone across our value chain – up- and downstream.

We view sustainability as inseparable from our daily business. In turn, we see ourselves as the catalyst for helping our suppliers and our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We call our sustainability strategy Planet Possible™ and it is built upon three components:

  • Sustainable business
    We work with customers and suppliers by maximizing sustainable sourcing of raw materials, developing products and solutions with a sustainability benefit, and designing products that allow safe and sustainable disposal at the end of the life cycle.
  • Resource efficiency
    We want to reduce our environmental footprint across the value chain by incorporating low energy processes to reduce carbon emission, developing site programs to improve yields and reduce waste, and managing water use and discharge in a sustainable way.
  • Capable, engaged people
    We are enriching the lives of our employees through health and safety, training and development, diversity and inclusion. We are creating long-term partnerships with suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders. Of course, we manage and monitor every aspect of our HSE and sustainability performance.

Sustainability isn’t just about producing more sustainable products. It’s about finding new ways to do things. Our research and development services and support departments collaborate closely wth our customers to achieve our sustainability goals. And, all new products and processes are measured against these goals early in the development process to ensure that they out-perform existing solutions. We call these Eco-premium solutions, one of many environmental iniatives we are progressing. 

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Caterina Camerani
Sustainability Manager
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