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Our policies

Sustainability & Health Safety and Environment

We go further than most. The 21st century brings new challenges to the pulp and paper industry as producers and consumers become more aware of the environmental and social impacts of industrial activity and are committed to a sustainable future.

We want to see the world’s pulp and paper products made from fibers that are responsibly and sustainably sourced, using energy from renewable sources, discharging only clean water after production. We want to contribute to production which generates waste and emissions with no or insignificant impact on nature. We want an industry which maximizes the use of recycled materials.
  • As a business within AkzoNobel, we are in compliance with AkzoNobel's policies and guidelines in all sustainability, health and safety matters.
  • Detailed reports on sustainability targets, safety and health records, environmental targets, information on use of energy, raw materials, emissions to air, effluent to water & solid waste and much more can be found on the corporate website and annual report collection.

Policies related to the manufacturing of pulp and paper and our production sites:

pdf symbol Policy statement on Health, Safety, Environment and Security (PDF, 409 Kb)
We actively support the guiding principles of the International Chamber of Commerce's Business Charter for Sustainable Development and have signed the Global Responsible Care charter. In addition to laws and regulatory requirements, we will pursue further objectives in close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and distributors. 
pdf symbol Quality Policy (PDF, 545 Kb)
We strive for a leading performance by being a proactive, efficient, innovative and sustainable supplier to our customers.
French - German - Italian - Spanish (Eu.) - Spanish (Am.)
pdf symbol Our Policy for Sustainability in Pulp & Paper (PDF, 1 193 Kb)
Our Policy for Sustainability in Pulp & Paper is expressed in our commitment to the Membership Principles of the World Business Council For Sustainable Development, Forest Solutions Group in which we are an associate member.
Policy on Product Stewardship

In order to ensure that our products are manufactured, handled, transported and used in a manner which respects environmental and human health and safety, we have established a Global Product Stewardship Policy.

pdf symbol USA Risk Characterization, (PDF, 104 Kb)

Read full summary of the AkzoNobel Risk Characterization process which identifies those chemicals that present the highest risk, ensuring that these chemicals are carefully managed to control these risks.

REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.  We follow the EU chemicals legislation REACH.

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