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Production sites, environment and safety

Safety is part of everything we do

A safety culture part of everything we do

Yes, we want to help our customers make their business a success. And yes, we want to provide competitive returns for our shareholders. But our number one priority is the health and safety of our people.

To help with that we have a comprehensive HSE&S Management System – including Corporate Directives, Standards, Guidance Notes and Operational Management Systems at our Manufacturing Sites – in place. Product Stewardship, the ongoing performance improvement of products in terms of safety, health and environmental impact is an important part of our Value Chain approach to sustainability. Our zero injury mindset means driving employee work safety, engagement and incident prevention as part of everything we do.

Our Eco-premium solutions program, which focuses on the development of products with lower toxicity; improved energy efficiency; use of natural resources/ raw materials, reduced emissions waste, land use and risks (e.g. of accidents) is the logical next step in Product Stewardship.

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Philippe Castermans
HSE Director
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