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Setting global technological production standards for more than forty years.

Our specialty is the design, installation, and maintenance of plants and equipment for producing sodium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide. We deliver easy-to-operate plants designed to fulfill the highest requirements in safety and reliability – optimized for higher yields and cost efficiency and more sustainable operations. 

ClO2 Technology_product

Chlorine dioxide technologies
Best available technologies for ClO2 generation. SVP-LITE,SVP-SCW,SVP-HP and HP-A.

HP Technology - we offer our customers hydrogen peroxide that is produced using an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution._product

Hydrogen peroxide technology 
Hydrogen peroxide using energy-efficient and cost-effective technology.

Sodium chlorate technology_product

Sodium chlorate technology
We know chlorate better than anyone after a 100 years of chlorate manufacturing experience.