Unlocking the potential of every child

A cross-BU project in China has provided a speech and hearing rehabilitation center with the materials it needs to help the children in its care.

Every child deserves an education, a future and happiness and sometimes circumstances mean a different approach is needed to make it happen.

The Langfang Ruicong Training School in Hebei province has helped children with hearing and language problems, and other mental disabilities, since it was established ten years ago. With 180 pupils, a lack of materials and educational equipment means the children don’t always progress as well as they could.

After hearing about its work from a leader at the Safety Supervision Bureau in the Langfang development district, a group of 70 volunteers from four different business units decided they wanted to help.

Employees from Langfang Deco and Langfang Powder Coatings, together with colleagues from Tianjin Wood Coatings, Tianjin Polymer Chemistry and Boxing Surface Chemistry, planned a special day that involved fun and games as well as practical improvements.

The Community Program provided funds to buy teaching tools such as animal and plant models, magnetic teaching aids and blocks, while Deco provided paint free of charge to give the school a fresh new look. After singing, games and lunch, the children slept while the volunteers got to work, painting and hanging up pictures and decorations.

The group also prepared some kites for the children to graffiti with pictures of their hopes and dreams before taking them outside to fly.

“Flying the kites with the children, seeing their bright smiles, we hoped they would go higher and higher in their lives, just like the kites,” said project coordinator, Jubilee Geng.