Joining forces to help hospice patients

A joint initiative between Decorative Paints and Powder Coatings volunteers in Glasgow means patients in one of the city’s hospices have a more comfortable, brighter environment.

The Marie Curie center provides support for up to 21 people living with terminal illness and their families, offering expert care, guidance and support.

One of the volunteers had first-hand experience of its work as a friend of hers sadly died there. When it transpired that a redecoration project was being considered, it was the perfect opportunity to offer support.

As well as tinting and transporting the paint, the team painted all the internal walls – the dining area, corridors, wards and bathrooms, as well as patients’ rooms.

Joining forces to help hospice patients in Glasgow

“Previously, many rooms were painted in bold or dark colors, and the hospice felt a brighter, more neutral color scheme would help make patients more comfortable,” explained Lyndsay Urquhart, Customer Operations Manager for Powder Coatings.

“The new color scheme also gives staff and patients more options to personalize their spaces with soft furnishings and personal items.”

The project fostered a strong sense of teamwork, helping volunteers recognize each other’s strengths and build new friendships.

“It was challenging to work in such an emotive environment and try not to be affected by people’s situations, but it has been hugely rewarding,” said one volunteer.

Georgina Bushell, Marie Curie’s Partnerships Manager, added: “A huge thank you to AkzoNobel and the Decorative Paints and Powder Coatings employees. It’s thanks to generous supporters like them that we’re able to offer care and support at our hospice to around 1,400 people living with a terminal illness every year.”

Joining forces to help hospice patients in Glasgow