Eco-systems and biodiversity

AkzoNobel recognizes the dependence on eco-systems for resources, such as fresh water, for renewable materials and for the part they play in maintaining the quality of our air, water and soil, as well as the impact we have on these eco-systems.

According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the main drivers for biodiversity impact are habitat change (land use change), over-exploitation, invasive alien species, pollution and climate change. An assessment carried out in 2013 indicated that the main impacts were up and downstream of our operations, with the main drivers being land use/transformation and climate impact. 

Our current focus is through our resource efficiency programs:

  • Reducing climate impact across the value chain
  • Water use and discharge in water scarce areas
  • Sourcing renewable raw materials
  • Product assessments for our eco-premium solutions (which already include land use)

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