Genetically modified crops

AkzoNobel acknowledges its responsibility with regards to GMOs. We do not manufacture any genetically modified organisms, nor sell any products which use GMO organisms to provide any specific functionality. Furthermore, we do not use GMOs in our manufacturing processes to impart any specific variability.

Innovation is considered vital for organic growth and sustainability at AkzoNobel, and our strategic ambition is to deliver world-leading innovation and products. As such, we are exploring the possible future use of GMOs to produce current and new raw materials by fermentation or other similar bio catalytic processes. 

It is our opinion that the use of raw materials derived from GMO feedstock is acceptable both ethically and scientifically and does not impact the safety of our products. However, we will fulfill all requirements relating to the use of GMO derived materials whenever required, including labeling products containing raw materials which could be derived from crops which have been genetically modified if requested by our customers or required by law.

Please see our full position paper here: AkzoNobel’s position paper on GMOs

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