Resource efficiency

At AkzoNobel we understand that because we live in a world of finite resources, we have to focus on resource efficiency and creating more value from fewer resources, and we do so through our Planet Possible agenda.

As such, we are committed to continually increasing our resource efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in our own operations and value chain. This will help de-risk our value chain, deliver environmental benefits and generate cost improvements.

Cradle-to-grave carbon footprint is our prime measure of resource efficiency. Our goal is to accelerate material and energy efficiency across the value chain, with a target of 25-30% reduction in cradle-to-grave carbon footprint per ton of sales from 2012 to 2020.

We do not limit our Planet Possible agenda to our own operations. We work with customers to drive a reduction in carbon emissions throughout the value chain and organize dedicated sustainability meetings with suppliers.

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