Insulation/heat transfer coatings as an alternative for mineral wool

  • There are numerous structures that require thermal and/or acoustic insulation.  There is obvious value in insulation of living spaces but thermal insulation is also required to keep hot liquids hot, for example in chemical plants and during oil extraction.  Keeping structures cold is also a valued function in terms of fire protection
  • Typically, mineral wool cladding, e.g. Rockwool™ is used at thicknesses of approximately 5 – 20 cm.  Coatings with insulation characteristics are available but are usually thinly applied and do not match the performance of mineral wool
  • Insulating materials rely on low conductivity to heat (and in some cases, noise).  The materials physics means that (for a given technology) performance is a function of the thickness applied: more = better
  • Reducing thermal conductivity means containing inclusions of low conductivity (such as air, vacuum, other gas), and minimising the routes for thermal transport around these inclusions (high loading of the low conductivity material, thin walls to the foam, etc.)
  • Reducing noise relies on incorporating materials that can absorb sound energy and dissipate this energy as heat.  These are often elastomeric materials or inclusions
  • We seek technologies that can be incorporated in a coating composition, mastic or filler to yield performance as good, or better, than mineral wool
  • A system that can be rapidly applied to complex shapes is preferred.  Application by airless spray is most preferred but hand application using a trowel would be acceptable
  • A system that prevents water ingress and is stable for many (25) years would be valued
  • A system that also affords corrosion protection when applied to steel would have extra value
  • A system that is able to insulate at higher temperatures (e.g. up to 250°C) and very high pressures (e.g. up to 7000 psi) would be especially valuable in deep sea oil extraction
  • A system that can also contribute to fire protection would also be valued
  • We are also interested in ‘holy grail’ technology that can provide insulation the same as mineral wool at significantly less thickness 
  • We are also interested in alternative application technologies that can be used to apply very thick layers of a coating composition, quickly and resulting in reasonable appearance

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