Sustainable packaging solutions

  • AkzoNobel provides performance coatings to many markets including transportation, construction and industrial markets.  Performance functions include anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, antifouling and chemical resistance. The coatings are applied to many different substrates including steel, tinplate, concrete, aluminium, plastics and composites
  • AkzoNobel is committed to being an industry leader in sustainability in terms of planet, people and profit, ensuring our businesses have positive economic, social and environmental impacts by doing radically more with less to provide customers with sustainable solutions
  • Packaging associated with delivery of performance coatings should be taken into account when considering the sustainability of products
  • Performance coatings are primarily supplied in steel cans from 0.125L to 20L which are generally discarded by the end user after coatings application
  • Often there is a residual quantity of coating which cannot be removed from the packaging which contributes to loss of valuable product, is unwanted waste and can lead to difficulties in local recycling
  • There is a need to provide sustainable packaging solutions
  • AkzoNobel is interested in sustainable packaging solutions for delivery of performance coatings to our customers which would help to achieve a reduction in waste and product loss
We invite proposals for packaging technologies or processes which:
  • Offer approaches to reduce the overall amount of packaging required
  • Are manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices
  • Are physically designed to optimize materials and energy usage
  • Are amenable to recovery and utilization in biological (managed composting) and/or industrial closed loop cycles
  • Minimize residual losses due to residual paint in the can
  • Are beneficial to the health and safety of individuals and communities throughout the life cycle
  • Are sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled where possible using renewable energy
  • Are produced using recycled or sustainable source materials
  • Are made from materials healthy throughout the life cycle
Examples of technologies may include:
  • Moldable biodegradable solvent resistant plastics
  • Materials or surface treatments which reduce adhesion of liquid coatings
  • Approaches to utilize multi-pack product formulations with reduced packaging requirements
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