Abrasion resistance in coatings

  • General abrasion resistance is required for coatings that will be exposed to wear and mechanical damage in service
  • Damage sustained can be a result of scratching, scraping and impacts
  • We have a need for very good abrasion and impact resistance for specific applications such as cargo hold coatings (for example in the marine market)
  • A particular challenge for cargo holds is “shooting damage” due to high speed cargo loading and abrasion due to cargo movement and settling during transport
  • State of the art technology in epoxy based coatings as a good degree of corrosion protection is also often required
  • Although “hard” coatings are generally adopted, there may be an opportunity for more flexible or even elastomeric systems for specific applications
  • Traditional approaches to toughening materials, such as plasticization, toughening additives and use of special pigments are of interest, although the effects can be different in thin films compared to bulk materials

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