Eco-premium solutions

We measure the sustainability performance of our products. An eco-premium solution is significantly better than the offer in the market in at least one mainstream criterion (toxicity, energy use, use of natural resources/raw materials, emissions and waste, land use, risks, health and well-being), and not significantly worse in any other criteria. Downstream benefits include a tangible sustainability benefit for our customers.

How do we do it?

We use eco-premium solutions to track our performance in creating shared value for our business, our customers and society. We aim to maintain at least 20% of revenue from eco-premium solutions by constantly innovating, based on insights into evolving environmental concerns and societal needs. Eco-premium solutions need to exceed the reference in each market in terms of sustainability performance. It’s a moving target, as the reference is constantly improving.

In 2018, the total share of revenue from eco-premium solutions was 22%. Fast growth of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) products in China and North Asia contributed to the improved performance.

Around another 20% of revenue was from eco-performers, which have clear sustainability benefits and are at least as good as mainstream alternatives, putting the total revenue of solutions with sustainable benefits at approximately 42%.