Consumer goods

Our color, design and special effects know-how enable us to work closely with customers in order to develop effective solutions for their own products.


Using our expertise in liquid, film and powder coatings, we decorate and protect a multitude of surfaces and deliver attractive options for differentiation in the consumer durables, IT and packaging markets.

Our offering includes:

  • Decoration and protection
  • Internal and external can coatings
  • Barrier coatings against oil, grease, moisture and gases
  • Customized performance attributes (chemical impact, temperature)

Key functionalities and advantages:

  • Provide design, styling and color trend analysis to customers and OEMs
  • Patented powder coating and film technologies that offer sustainability benefits
  • Unique chemistries that produce tactile effects such as soft touch on rigid substrates
  • Broad range of coatings technologies to help customers improve yields and reduce costs
  • Global supply and resource network