We're one of the leading suppliers to the worldwide industrial sector. We supply essential ingredients that help our customers to manufacture their products as efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively as possible.


We are also a trusted and reliable partner in the field of asset protection, particularly in the energy sector.

Our offering includes:

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Products for material flow improvement
  • Key chemical ingredients and raw materials such as chelates, surfactants, ethylene amines, polymer additives and organic peroxides
  • Experienced technical service and training programs

Key functionalities and advantages:

  • Proven and approved proprietary chemistries offering more functionality and better performance
  • Products to improve production efficiencies and save energy
  • More sustainable chelates and surfactants for oilfield, gas and mining applications
  • Customized solutions for bleaching pulp
  • Advanced coatings technologies that help extend maintenance cycles