We supply manufacturers and operators with advanced coatings systems that play an essential role in the global transportation sector.


Our market-leading products and technologies for sea, land and air travel offer world class functionality and performance, as well as cost and efficiency benefits.

Our offering includes:

  • Asset protection from abrasion, bio-fouling, corrosion, temperature variation, chemicals,  weathering
  • Styling, color and brand consistency
  • Chrome appearance and vacuum metallization systems
  • Specialized functionalities

Key functionalities and advantages:

  • Patented marine antifouling technology, leading to reduced fuel use and lower dry dock costs
  • Automotive color/effect design and matching
  • Leading primer technology for aircraft, including chrome-free systems
  • Patented topcoat chemistries providing long-term protection for the shipping industry
  • A full range of more sustainable liquid and powder coatings for the automotive industry
  • Infra-red and solar heat reflective coatings for the aerospace industry