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At AkzoNobel, we are proud of what we have achieved and we’re proud of the vast reservoir of knowledge and know-how that we’ve built up – but we also recognize that no one company or individual has all of the best ideas. Successful companies forge resilient partnerships to complement their strengths and fill knowledge and technology gaps. That’s why we’re looking for the best ideas to help us tackle future challenges – no matter whether they are our own or someone else’s. We believe in the nearly boundless capacity of the human mind, and that by tapping into that capacity we stand a much better chance of achieving our own ambitions – and yours.

Paint the Future – The AkzoNobel startup challenge

Make sure you check out our annual Paint the Future startup challenge. An exciting journey of collaboration with the latest and greatest innovators around the world, it sets out five challenges we want your help to solve. Calling on the brilliant solutions from startups, scale-ups and industry experts, we are on a mission to accelerate those exciting innovations in our industry – and paint the future together. We will work on sustainable business opportunities with winners.

Register for updates and learn more at letspaintthefuture.com

Can we work together?

If you’ve got a proven idea that is connected in some way to our work, tell us about it. If you are involved in an ongoing project with great promise that complements our own products, processes, projects and technologies, let us know. If you have ideas about sustainable technologies that can help us to achieve our ambitions to deliver sustainable solutions to our customers, please consider sharing them with us. We want to work with you to turn your vision into a reality – for our mutual benefit. That’s what this site is all about, and it’s what our Open Space initiative is all about. If you’d like to learn about what open innovation means to us, see how we’ve established winning partnerships with individuals and companies whose ideas and projects have provided us with solutions in the past, find out what sorts of solutions we are currently looking for, and discover what you have to gain from working with us, please come in.