Bio-based citrus products

Lindy Hensen, PeelPioneers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Challenge area: Cellulose-based alternatives to synthetics

Every year in the EU, around 5000 kton of citrus peel is discarded and is either incinerated or fermented. Due to the high water content of peel, neither process is efficient.

Continued high demand for fresh juice is an expensive challenge for supermarkets, restaurants and stores with juicing machines; citrus skins account for 50% of the fruit’s weight, producing proportionately high levels of waste. Peels however can be repurposed into biobased cleaning, cosmetic and packaging solutions.

In the development stage, PeelPioneers will focus on innovative D-limonene extraction and pulp fraction before adding further components. Scale-up is forecast for 2018 for both B2C and B2B products. The technology is already in place to get value from multiple components, creating a sustainable solution to citrus waste management.

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