CO2 to methanol

Sasa Marinic, ANTECY, Hoevelaken, The Netherlands

Challenge area: Highly Reactive Chemistry and Technology

ANTECY's latest development is a low cost process that captures CO2 from carbon-containing gases and converts concentrated CO2 into fuels and other chemicals. Able to desorb waste gas at temperatures below 100 degrees Centigrade and absorb non-amine sorbent, this sustainable process is compatible with other petrochemical processes. Methanol is the intended primary product for conversion into acetic acid, DME and chlormethanes. Energy efficiency is core to the process with renewable electricity used throughout, and heat integration between several steps to ensure sustainability.

The economic and technological benefits of CO2 to methanol conversion are well documented by a joint study from Shell Global Solutions. In addition, the current annual methanol market is estimated at 70 million tonnes, and is predicted to grow 7% per annum. Demand is especially high in Asian and Scandinavian markets.

Commercial scalability is the next step for ANTECY's CO2 capture and conversion innovation, taking widely available materials to develop a sustainable, circular economy that enables electrification of the chemical industry.

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