Scalable, low cost, post-bioreactor dewatering

Brian Miller, uFraction8, Falkirk, Scotland, UK

Challenge area: Sustainable alternatives to our current technologies

Bioreactor systems can yield up to 20x the biomass of farmland per unit of area and be placed in non-traditional agricultural terrain. The biggest challenge however is cost. Post bioreactor dewatering can typically make up 30-40% of all costs in a bioproduction facility. In some instances, this can rise as high as 78%.

uFraction8's microfluidic technology reduces dewatering costs by up to 75% compared to traditional methods. This innovation could have significant benefits for a wide range of sectors such as food, feed, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, polymer feedstocks, fine chemicals and turpenoids.

R&D into microfluidics is growing, and sustainable, robust technologies are on the horizon. Precision is essential in the field, however other mature industries have overcome this issue and gone on to offer mass scale production. As such, uFraction8 is on the lookout for partnerships in large industries to develop microfluidic technology and boost sustainability in the bioreactor field.

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