On-site treatment of wastewater

Steven De Laet, InOpSys, Mechelen, Belgium

Challenge area: Wastewater-free chemical sites

Treatment of wastewater, particularly with toxic and non-biodegradable waste products, is a challenge for both the chemical and pharmaceutical fields. InOpSys partners with companies to provide on-site solutions and uses a range of technologies that adapt to individual industry needs.

InOpSys' breakthrough is Flexible, Modular and Mobile Units (FMMUs). FMMUs combine technologies including membranes, AOP, centrifugation, flotation and active carbon, to help reduce, or even eliminate, transportation and incineration. Companies can further treat the effluent from FMMUs in their own biological treatment units. It is also possible to extract materials from this (e.g. Zn, Pd, Ag, solvents) to support a circular economy.

A cost-effective alternative to traditional waste treatment, this innovation could be a turning point in making chemical sites more sustainable.

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