Waste-based recycling technology for plastics

Adriana Pineda, CADEL DEINKING, San Vicent del Raspeig (Alicante), Spain

Challenge area: Revolutionizing plastics recycling

Over 6 million tonnes of flexible plastic and packaging are produced per year, generating 600,000 tonnes of waste in the process. This accounts for 8% of all production and poses huge managerial, economic and environmental challenges. Plastic converters are the main producers of excess surface-printed plastic film, but are unable to process this back into raw materials.

CADEL DEINKING has developed a revolutionary, low-cost recycling system that enables converters to remove print from plastic film so materials can be processed into high-end products.

Suitable for a range of polymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET...) the water-based innovation has several stages: grinding, solvent-free deinking, rinsing, drying and extrusion. 

Compared to conventional recycling methods, this solution offers price, quality and sustainability advantages. Purchase costs fall as a result of implementation and profit margins per ton increase greatly. High-end applications such as packaging are possible thanks to 99.9% ink removal. In addition, a 35% lower carbon footprint is achieved thanks to water-based solutions.

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