Interplate Zero

Most shipyards still use solvent-based zinc silicate shop primers - Interplate® Zero is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

The modern shipbuilding industry is a fiercely competitive global business demanding high quality, high productivity and fast turnaround times. Most shipyards still rely on effective solvent-based zinc silicate shop primers. Interplate® Zero is a water-based zinc silicate shop primer that is equally effective, but far more environmentally and worker-friendly.

Over the years, the challenge for the marine coatings industry has been to develop shop primers capable of delivering high productivity and quality standards in terms of steel fabrication efficiency, reduced secondary surface preparation and low environmental impact.

At the same time, society’s growing desire for businesses to deliver sustainable products and services is reflected in tougher legislation. The result is smaller pool of raw materials for chemists to work with. Along with AkzoNobel’s other businesses, International Paint has taken up the gauntlet and has worked ceaselessly to identify, remove, and replace substances of concern in marine products.

Raising the bar

One product especially designed to improve operator health and safety standards and increase shipyard efficiency is Interplate® Zero, a patented water based, weldable and overcoatable zinc silicate shop (pre-construction) primer with zero VOC content. Unlike current water-based zinc silicate products, Interplate® Zero can be applied using standard airless spray as utilized by the majority of shop primer application facilities worldwide.

Traditional water-based shop primers are based on an alkali silicate binder system, however these products produce high levels of water soluble salts during the curing process. This causes major problems when the shop primer is top coated with an anticorrosive system. The retained water soluble salts accelerate diffusion of water though the anticorrosive by a process known as osmosis.

The resulting anticorrosive system suffers from osmotic blistering and eventual breakdown of the anticorrosive coating. Interplate® Zero does not contain soluble salts and can be overcoated with a range of approved topcoat schemes even in critical vessel areas such as water ballast tanks and the underwater hull. As a result, it can contribute significantly to productivity and environmental improvement.

Interplate® Zero was selected by the Seatrade Awards 2005 judges as one of the highly commended entries in the “Protection of the Marine And Atmospheric Environment” category.

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