Interpon ReFlex

More lumens for your watt

Interpon ReFlex, AkzoNobel’s ultra-reflective powder coating, is an example of how an established technology, applied in a novel way, can deliver great spinoff benefits. Normally, powder coatings are used to coat metal furniture, window frames, radiators, pipes, automotive vehicles, and consumer electronics products, among numerous other applications.

With Interpon ReFlex, the coating is applied to the inside of commercial lighting fixtures, and because of the very high light reflectance designed into the product, the effective output of the fixture is increased by up to 30 percent. That translates to major energy savings, so light fixtures coated with Interpon ReFlex are remarkably cost-effective. What’s more, because the product is solvent-free during both production and application (like all powder coatings), it also has a lower environmental impact than competing materials used in the lighting market.

No matter what the light source they use – traditional incandescent bulbs, or more energy efficient light sources like halogens or LEDs, producers can boost the light a fixture produces per watt of power consumed. And beyond its performance and sustainability benefits, it also offers easy application and use characteristics compared to alternatives used in lighting, such as metallized films or microcellular PET.

Additional benefits include excellent impact resistance and flexibility, as well as good corrosion and UV resistance. Quite literally, Interpon ReFlex is an innovation with a very bright future.