Intertrac Vision

Big Data solution gives shipping industry a powerful tool

Interact Vision is the very first digital tool specifically designed to give the shipping industry a way to accurately predict the potential fuel and CO2 savings offered by fouling control coatings. Fouling is a normal occurrence on all ships, and heavy fouling can have a serious impact on fuel efficiency and operational costs.

Intertrac Vision can actually project how a coatings technology will perform on a ship hull before the coating is even applied. It works by analyzing factors such as hull roughness. the "roughness" associated with bio-fouling, and computational fluid dynamic studies carried out on different hull types. This vessel-specific information is then processed using proprietary algorithms to provide an accurate assessment of the impact of each potential fouling control coating choice, including a full cost-benefit analysis.

With that information, ship operators can make informed decisions about when to apply fouling control coatings and what technology makes the best sense for them. It’s an example of how AkzoNobel is exploiting information technologies to deliver more to its coatings customers. And by helping shippers increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption it’s also an innovation that can be used to reduce the shipping industry’s environmental footprint.