Nordsjö Diamond Floor

Making good even better

If you’re not getting better, then you’re falling behind. It’s an adage that applies to paint as much as it does sport. In the Nordic countries of Europe, AkzoNobel’s Nordsjö Original Golvfärg – a one component acrylic floor paint for concrete, wood, and laminate substrates – was long one of the market leaders. But when it began losing market share, the request went out to Decorative Paints R&D in Sassenheim, the Netherlands, for some help.

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The result: Nordsjö Diamond Floor, an addition to the range which restored Nordsjö’s lead in performance and helped to regain its leading position in the marketplace. An international project team from our Decorative Paints business started a project in 2014 which, by the end of 2015, resulted in a water-based floor paint which set new standards for wear and scratch resistance. The paint is low odor, price competitive and carries the “Nordic Swan” certification granted to products that meet high environmental standards.

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To achieve these results, the project team started with a formulation marketed to a different market segment in a different region. They also worked in the lab to adjust binders and coalescents to get the hardness, scratch resistance, stain resistance, gloss and overall durability at the appropriate price point. Along the way, the team discovered how one of the ingredients interacts with others to improve wear and scratch resistance. That’s a discovery that may pay off in other products as well.

With the development of Nordsjö Diamond Floor, the project team has improved the mechanical resistance of our floor paint compared with the existing formulation, resulting in a new product which outperforms the competition. Nordsjö Diamond also has improved stain resistance against household chemicals that might ruin a floor if spilled. And by improving the durability, the new product also delivers a sustainability benefit, because repainting might only be required after four or five years, instead of two years.

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