Strategic importance and history of Human Cities

We live in a world where rapid urbanization is a fast approaching fact. Today, around 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities. This is expected to increase to nearly 70 percent by 2050. A new urban agenda is necessary to ensure that people continue to lead liveable and loveable lives.

We help cities to meet the challenges they face.

And as neighborhoods, villages and towns meld into mega cities, how do we preserve the identity of people and places? How can we keep our cities “human”?

Our Human Cities initiative is an active expression of our company purpose to create everyday essentials to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring. It’s everything we do with and for society and it is our commitment to improving, energizing and regenerating urban communities across the world.

By combining our sense of care with our people, products and leadership in innovation, safety and sustainability, we are helping cities to meet the many challenges they face. We are using our products and expertise to help cities deliver a stronger sense of community purpose, pride and happiness.

Since the launch of Human Cities in 2014, many successful projects have been completed bringing essential ingredients, essential protection and essential color into the lives of people the world over.

Giving back to communities is deeply rooted in AkzoNobel. Through our Community Program we’ve been transforming communities for more than a decade. Meanwhile, our global “Let’s Colour” program – which has been revitalizing urban areas for over five years – is now strongly linked to our Human Cities activities.